The University of Leeds

  • ARAB1170: Studying the Middle East: Culture, History, Politics, and Religion
  • ARAB2066: Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • ARAB2290 / 2310: Modern Middle Eastern History

The American University in Cairo

  • PS 2404: Europe in International Politics in the 20th Century
  • PS 2405: History and International Politics
  • PS 3401: Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • PS 3620: Introduction to International Relations Theory
  • PS 4605: International Politics in the Middle East
  • PS 5130: The Politics of Modernity, Gender, Sexuality and the Middle East
  • PS 5140: Globalization and the Politics of Pop Culture
  • PS 5205: Identity, Culture and Norms in World Politics
  • PS 5209: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in International Relations
  • PS 5255: Conflict and Security in Global Politics

The London School of Economics and Political Science

  • GV247: Theories and Problems of Nationalism
  • GV248: Power and Politics in the Modern World: Comparative Perspectives
  • IR160: The Middle East and Global Politics
  • IR205: International Security
  • IR315: The Middle East and International Relations Theory
  • IR501: Methods in International Relations Research, Guest Lectured on Concept Formation
  • English For Academic Purposes, Guest Lectured on Religion and Politics in the Middle East since 1979
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